Crave Personal Styling


A/W15, AccessorisingEmma CarrComment

From skinny to neckerchief, summer has been all about the neck scarf and they look set to stay around for autumn/winter. This simple accessory can add that extra bit of cool and sophistication to any outfit. How you choose to wear it will depend on your personal style and body shape. Worn long and loose is great for apple body shapes as it creates a streamline effect down the middle of the body. A neckerchief simply knotted or a longer scarf worn loose to create a v-shape are both great for hourglass body shapes. It’s all about adding detail on top for pear shapes, so the bandana and choker style works well for you. Slim-athletic’s look great in most styles so you can play around and have fun! When it comes to choosing a colour, always remember it’s the colour closest to your face that reflects back up, so if possible try to chose a colour or pattern that compliments your skin tone. Whatever way you wear it, this is an inexpensive and fun way to play around with your look so it’s definitely one worth giving a try.

Images: Pinterest