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It’s that time of year, the beginning of a new fashion season when all the glossy magazines are telling us what we should be wearing for the next six months. As someone who loves fashion, there’s nothing I like more than working my way through the new-season fashion specials. 

If you follow my blog and social media you’ll know that I talk about current trends a lot, but as a Personal Stylist I also understand that great style isn't just about following trends alone. The women I find most stylish are the one’s who look current, but timeless at the same time. Women who’s style is really identifiable to them and yet always looks so effortless, which for me is what great style is. So here are my top tips for developing your personal style:


Personal style is about knowing which clothes suit your look and personality. It’s fine to look to other people for inspiration but just because you admire someones style doesn’t mean it will look the same on you. Stay true your personality and you’ll never feel (or look) like you’re wearing something that you’re not comfortable in.


When it comes to choosing your outfits it is extremely important that you consider your body shape. Learning to wear what suits your shape, albeit curvy or boyish, will ensure you're flattering your best bits. After all, it won't matter how trendy your outfit is if it doesn't suit your body type. 


Great personal style isn't just about what you wear, but how you wear it. You can give two people the same outfit but it’s how they put it together that will set them apart. The turn of a cuff, layering in an unexpected way or adding a simple accessory - it’s all in the detail.


The french are considered super stylish, yet in a way they are anti-fashion. They rarely buy into every new trend each season. They stick with classic wardrobe staples like a great pair of jeans (always with heels), a well cut jacket, a silk blouse, a cashmere jumper and black, lots of black. So why do they stand out so much? It’s all about the ‘attitude’ they wear their clothes with. 


I personally think there’s room in your wardrobe for classic staples and a latest trend - fashion should be fun, you should enjoy the clothes you wear and they should make you look and feel like you can handle whatever life throws at you. In the words of Vera Wang, “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her own clothes.” 

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For some, there’s nothing better than rooting through the sale rail looking for a bargain. We’ve all got that friend who whenever you ask them where something is from, they casually say it was bought in the sale for half price, leaving you green with envy. For other’s, it’s their worst nightmare and just the thought of it can bring them out in a cold sweat. Sale shopping doesn’t have to be scary and if you plan ahead, not only can it be enjoyable, you can actually make some of your best purchases. So for those of you that don’t know where to start, here are my top tips for savvy sale shopping:

1. Would you pay full price for it - this is the golden rule of savvy sale shopping. We all get caught up in ‘bagging a bargain", but it’s only a bargain if you were prepared to pay full price for it in the first place. If you apply this rule before anything else, then it will stop you from buying just for the sake of it. 

2. Set a budget - whether that’s an overall budget or a budget for individual pieces, it’s always best to set one. You’ll probably be looking at 20 to 30% discounts at the beginning, but they could go up to 50 to 70% towards the end of the sales. Obviously, if you hang-on you can run the risk of the pieces you want being sold out, but that’s when you have to weigh up how much you want something versus hanging on for the biggest discount. If there is something you really want and it has sold out, don’t forget to keep looking in-store and online as there are always returns. 

3. Do your homework beforehand - during the run up to the sales keep a note of the pieces you like in-store and online and make a “wish-list”. Also, take a look through your wardrobe and see where the gaps are. If a leather jacket is what’s going to pull all your outfits together, then this should be top of your list. 

4. Invest in your key pieces - these are the items you wear all the time, your wardrobe staples. For me that’s ankle boots, blouses and animal print, so these are always on my “sales radar”. If you know you always buy black suits and white shirts every year for work, then the sales are a perfect time to buy them. 

5. What are your aspirational brands - we’ve all got those brands that we’d love to covet, but may not be within our reach financially. The sales are a perfect time to grab a slice of them. Again, do your homework beforehand and make a note of which pieces you’d like and work out how they are going to fit with the rest of your wardrobe. If you’re going to invest in your dream designer brand you want to make sure you get maximum wear out of it. I’ve already mentioned setting a budget, but it’s even more important when looking at your aspirational brands. Just because it’s a brand you’ve always lusted after, doesn’t mean you should break the bank to get it. 

6. What are the big trends for next season - do your homework on which trends you want to invest in for next season. Ruffles, high-shine fabric (particularly silver) and pleated midi skirts are all carrying over into spring/summer 16, so if you like these trends then these should definitely be on your sales shopping list.

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Gone are the days when trainers were worn solely by those that go to the gym. With the rise of the Sports Luxe trend, trainers have slowly become a wardrobe staple for the fashion conscious. They are certainly a wardrobe staple for me, which is why they are one of my Wardrobe Hero’s. The right pair of trainers can elevate your look in an effortless way, not to mention that they are incredibly comfortable - which is why I spend most of my time in them! Stylish and comfortable, what’s not to love? 

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On my list of wardrobe hero’s is the leather biker jacket. This trans-seasonal staple can give an edge to even the most feminine outfit and make the simplest outfit look chic. It’s definitely an investment piece, but it’s an investment worth making. You’ll own it forever and it’s one of those pieces that just get’s better with age. There’s a signature biker out there for everyone and once you’ve found yours you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. 

Here are five of my favourites out there right now:

1. Whistles Agnes Leather Biker Jacket/ 2. Topshop Washed Leather Jacket / 3. Reiss Storm Textured Leather Biker Jacket / 4. Maje Beeson Lambskin Leather Jacket / 5. Zara Leather Jacket 


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In 1823, Charles Mackintosh invented a waterproof fabric and the original Mackintosh coat was born. Since then they have become a fashion staple and appear on the catwalks and high-street year after year. Not only are they stylish, they are incredibly practical for our ever changeable weather too. Perfect layered over a denim or leather jacket on those slightly chiller days, or on their own when it's not quite warm enough to go without a coat. Not to mention those rainy summer days! Add in the fact that it's also timeless style wise, this is definitely a wardrobe hero of mine. 

Main image: Pinterest / Coats from top left to bottom right: Zara, French Connection, Cos, Topshop