Crave Personal Styling




This is the ultimate style make-over combining the Wardrobe Recharge and Premium Personal Shopping service. This is ideal if you are wanting to strip things right back and start a fresh. I will bring my creative eye to your existing wardrobe looking at how we can adapt it to the new personal style you want to create and removing items that no longer work for you. I will then fill in the gaps during our personal shopping session when you will learn how to shop in a considered way and gain the confidence to create outfits with style and ease. No matter what your budget you will go away with clothes that elevate and empower you in all situations. 

The first half day will be the Wardrobe Recharge, during which I will create as many outfits as possible from your existing pieces. I will photograph you in all of these outfits for you to refer back to when making your style choices. I will also eliminate less flattering items and look at ones which can be altered. At the same time I will create a list of key pieces to purchase that will start to build the new personal style we’re working towards.

The second half day will be the Personal Shopping session, when we will purchase the items on the shopping list I created during the Wardrobe Recharge. I will have already spent time locating the right items for you and booked private changing rooms where possible, making this a fun and relaxing experience.

Again, I will photograph you in all of the outfits I create on the day for you to refer back to when making your style choices.

You will also receive a Personal Style Vision Board which will lay the foundations for the new personal style we are developing and a Personal Style Bible which will include your body shape guidelines and colour analysis. 

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