Crave Personal Styling




Maybe there’s someone's style you admire, but whenever you try to recreate their look it always fall short. You might love the seasonal trends, but aren’t sure if they work for your body shape or if they will fit with the rest of your wardrobe. Or maybe you had a strong sense of style, life stuff happened, and you want to develop a personal style that represents who you are now. Whatever the reason this workshop is for those who want to take their personal style to the next level. 

The workshop will take place at 49 Hilton Street, the beautiful Beaumont Organic store in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. 

My aim is to offer a warm, relaxed and inclusive atmosphere which will inspire, educate and get those creative juices flowing. Numbers are small to keep things intimate and anything shared during the workshop will be kept in confidence. 

I will cover all the stages I take my one-to-one clients through, asking you all the right questions to get you thinking about your personal style on a new level.

You will then create your Personal Style Vision Board, covering: 


Shapes and silhouettes 





I will have all the tools you need to create your vision boards, but if you have any imagery that inspires you and that you want to use, then bring it along. 

As well as your personal style vision board and workbook from the day, you’ll take away my How To Recharge Your Wardrobe guide and individual body shape guidelines*, so you can start honing your new personal style as soon as you get home. 

*If you would like me to provide you with your body shape guidelines she will require you to send photographs of yourself in advance of the workshop. There is a changing room at the venue, so if you aren’t comfortable sending me images in advance, I can assess your body shape on the day.

The workshop will end with a short one-to-one session with me to discuss anything that might have come up for you during the workshop.